This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Escort Radar + Laser Detectors for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Getting from point A to point B should be simple, but the reality is that along the way you’ll encounter a good number of obstacles that can end up costing you a lot.  Speed limits change suddenly from one portion of the road to another, and drivers often don’t notice.  This, coupled with the almost never ending array of photo radars (speed cameras), air patrol, radar and laser guns, and red light cameras, make it quite likely that you’ll end up getting a ticket on your way to your destination.  


As a matter of fact, 41 million drivers are ticketed every year, generating over $6 billion in revenue to the relevant agencies.   The average ticket will set you back $150 on the spot, but can go all the way up to $900 in increased insurance charges over 3 years.  To make matters worse, the National Motorist Association estimates that about one third of these ticket charges are erroneous.  It stands to reason that when some technology presents itself with the promise to help put the odds back on your side, we’d take notice.  The new Escort Max 360 Radar + Laser Detector does just that.  It’s a high tech device that can alert you when your speed is being measured, which can help you slow down in time and avoid costly tickets.  And if you manage to avoid even one ticket with this device, it’ll have paid for itself when you factor in all the costs!

The best part, unlike what most people believe, is that it’s completely legal in most of the US.  The only places where it isn’t is Washington D.C. and Virginia. So with all this in mind, what exactly does the Max 360 Detector do?


For one, it has dual antennas which give it complete 360 degree coverage, alerting you of threats all around your vehicle and arrows pointing at the direction of the threat.  GPS-based  AutoLearn technology teaches the device to avoid false positives, so you don’t get alarms ringing when there’s nothing to worry about.  The system’s Digital Signal Processing means it’s faster than older detectors, giving you a longer detection range and faster response. As a matter of fact, Escort believes so strongly in its technology that they’re ready to offer a “Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee” including both radar and laser speeding tickets when purchased factory direct.  Escort detectors are definitely recommended over Valentine One.

We’re happy to introduce you to the brand, because we believe in their product and have heard of them before.  We encourage you to find out more about features of the Escort 360, but know that in a few days we’ll be releasing another article where we share our own experiences with the device.  We’re eager to take it through its paces and give you a hands-on report of how it can help you avoid expensive tickets.

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