Command & Conquer (Image courtesy EA)By Andrew Liszewski

While I’ll always prefer exploring a well designed first person shooter I have to admit I have a soft spot for the real-time strategy game Command & Conquer. I was introduced to the game shortly after I bought my first PC and it was one of the rare titles that could actually tear me away from the likes of Doom or Rise Of The Triad. As a result I’ve even tried many other RTS PC games over the years but for whatever reason C&C remains the only one I enjoy playing.

Well believe it or not August 31 marked the 12th anniversary of when the original Command & Conquer was released and to celebrate the event EA is now providing a Windows XP compatible version of the game for download on their website for free. In fact the game is provided as two separate ISO files for playing as either the Nod or GDI (ie the good guys or bad guys.)

You can find the download links and EA’s announcement of the C&C anniversary on their website and when it comes to downloading the ISO files I recommend using a download manager that allows resumes since the files are about 560-580 Mb each.

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