studio9 panorama

By David Ponce

“So what’s this?”

“It’s really cool! See, you turn your head left or right, and the image on the screen turns left or right. That way, it’s your head that controls what you see!”

“Yeah, but don’t you have to be looking AT the screen to see what’s on it?”


Please accept my apologies for this lame attempt at humour. Just know that the “People Track Panorama” is a new kind of presentation tool, developed jointly by Studio9 and TUM.

To get more of an idea of why I think it’s lame, come inside and check out the video.

VIA [TechEBlog]


  1. This is exactly like the cam2pan program sold by . It takes the image from your USB camera and tracks movement of your face. If you move your head slightly to the left, the camera pans to the left. It is easy to keep your eye on the screen. But, I had difficulty with keeping my head still enough to use it much.

    They sell a version intended to help handicapped people, and another for gamers.