By David Ponce

Jumping Jehosaphat on a hot tin roof, this is awesome! The Performer tuning system, from company Transperformance is likely to take your guitar playing to whole new levels, and it pisses the living snot out of me that I never took the instrument up. Never mind robotic tuners, this device rocks on a whole different level.

Here’s the deal. Musicians, apparently, often alter the tuning of their guitars during a show, to produce different moods. That’s why you’ll often see big bands with twelve of them lying around: each one is tuned slightly differently, and it’s just quicker to change instruments than retune on the spot. With the Performer, which is fitted to any guitar of your choice (well, as long as it resembles Les Paul, Les Paul Special, Stratocaster or Telecaster body shapes), you don’t have to anymore. See, not only does it make your guitar self tuning (a great achievement in itself), it can also be programmed with up to 240 tuning combinations, accessible at the touch of a button or press of a pedal. It takes one second between the automated tunings, so you could conceivably change combinations during a song.

With names like Jimmy Page and Joe Perry swearing by it, you might even be able to justify the $3000 price tag.

[Transperformance Website] VIA [Gizmag]