Modularity is in, in the gadget world. The idea is that you can customize your device with hardware add-ons, so that it does more of what you want, and less of what you don’t care about. The power strip just got the treatment with the YOUMO. It lets you connect up to 7 different modules, that range in function from wireless charging, to multi-USB, to LED light. Simply plug the base cord into your wall socket, and configure the rest of the strip to your liking. The company is even planning to develop more modules with expanded functionality like WiFi Repeater, and Wireless Speaker. Prices start at €39 (around $42USD) for the base cord plus 2 modules of your choice, then it’s about a €10 increase for every additional module. It’s a Kickstarter campaign that’s now fully funded, with shipping expected in February 2017, almost a full year away.


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