By David Ponce

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer, or just learning, you might be interested in the Powerbreather. It’s a snorkel made from an elastic material, and it fits snugly around the head. Like most snorkels, air is inhaled through the back, although water is prevented from entering through the use of a check valve. Air is then exhaled exclusively through the mouthpiece, which in ensure through the use of another valve. This makes it so that no stale air is ever re-inhaled, eliminating fatigue effects associated with snorkel use. And “because of the two interacting valves no water gets into the snorkel when descending.” So what you have is the ability to just swim without ever needing to tilt your head up for air, which would be great for a more effective workout, learning to swim, or just snorkelling in the tropics without swallowing a bunch of saltwater in the process.

There’s no word on price of even availability, but it appears to be a new product out of Germany.

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