By David Ponce

You love rubber duckies. I know it, you know it, and what’s the point in denying it? Now, if you’re going to have your fun in the bathtub anyway, why not pull the old switcharoo with Mr.Ducky and take your bath with an altogether quite disturbing Mr.T Ducky hybrid instead?

Looking like the bastard offspring of Donald Duck and Mr. “I-Pity-The-Fool” T, this little bathtub companion sells for all of $9 at Captain Quack. What’s “Captain Quack” you say? It’s a very particular online retailer in the strange business of selling a plethora of such funky duckies.

Go to the product page, and discover such fascinating bath companions as The Snoop Dogg Duck, or The Babe Ruth Duck or even, The KISS Duck.


  1. Mr. T Rubber Duck Hybrid

    What in the? Okay, for those longing to be referred to as a "fool" during their bathtime experience, try this Mr. T with rubber ducky body - or is it, rubber ducky with Mr. T's head and arms? Whatever you refer to this abomination of…