segseatBy David Ponce

When the Segway came out, I was frothy at the mouth with excitement. I don’t really know why. I think it was the combination of stupid marketing tactics (remember Ginger?) with the realization that this really was one cool product. Of course, then I saw the price tag and I’ve been crying ever since.

Still, great as the Segway is, there are those among us who live in a great big pit of lazy, and for whom standing to get around is a little too much effort. Enter the SegSeat, an accessory that allows you to, well, sit on the Segway while retaining its unique driving dynamics.

The SegSeat glides forward and back upon a braced rail, allowing sitting riders to emulate a standing rider’s typical leaning movements that control the Segway. SegSeats are also collapsible, allowing standing riders to use modified vehicles without interference.

Being this lazy is going to cost you though: the device retails for $750 either from Segway dealers or SegSeat.

[SegSeat] VIA [Xataka]


  1. SegSeat: Taking Away That Last Ounce of Effort…

    If you’re riding around on a Segway then you really don’t mind looking like a dork, so you might as well get yourself one of these SegSeats, and look like a lazy dork. The seat glides forward and backward on……

  2. Did you ever think that there are people out there that need this? Obviously not from your comments. Until you live like a disabled person you should think before you comment. Some people can’t stand or sit for long periods of time. They may not look disabled but certain diseases have hidden symptoms.Maybe you should try getting around in a wheel chair for a while. Most things are not within reach when you are in a wheel chair and it is hard to get around stores in a wheel chair since most of the stores put their racks too close together.