ShowerStart Water Saver (Image courtesy R.E. Williams Contractor Inc.)By Andrew Liszewski

A lot of people start their morning routine by turning on the shower and then going about other tasks while they wait for the water to warm up. However this can result in a lot of wasted water costs if you’re not ready to jump in the shower as soon as it starts running hot. The ShowerStart is a simple solution to this problem. The device is installed just before the showerhead and will automatically cut off the flow of water when it detects it’s hot enough. Then, when you’re ready to climb into the shower you just flip the switch to start the hot water running again.

The makers of the ShowerStart claim that the device is so efficient that a family of three can saver over $75 a year in wasted water and heating costs. And once installed the ShowerStart will not interfere with your water pressure if you’re worried about that kind of thing.

The ShowerStart is available online for $39.

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