the shumidorBy David Ponce

Your feet smell (you know they do) because of a couple of things. First, there’s the lively, squirmy, excreting bacteria that have made a home there. Then, there’s your feet’s sweat (the one that comes from all your 250,000 sweat glands) that both feeds them and comforts them and encourages them to make sweet love to one another and reproduce. So, it stands to reason that if you were to remove the moisture element, you might get rid of the bacteria, and thusly, the smell.

That’s where the Shumidor comes in. It’s a design (read not commercialized yet) from Michael Kritzer that simply circulates air around your shoes (the biggest moisture sponges) to dry them out, and deprive bacteria of the environment they need to thrive.

Using ionic blade technology, the Shumidor is practically silent. When the air flows into the Shumidor, it creates several mini vortexes that circulate around every exposed surface within the Shumidor. The textured inner lining also helps isolate the air. Together, these technologies help dry and remove all wet particles on the shoe[…]

Seems to me like clean socks every day and a shower now and then could go a long way, but what do I know?

[The Shumidor] VIA [Gizmag]