Cooking is a lot like science experiments: you combine ingredients in measured quantities, heat them and hope for the best. And for the very same reason this is likely to be fun for most geeks, it can be daunting to others. While a science experiment gone wrong just means an F on your report card, a dinner gone wrong means an embarrassing dinner party at best and poisoned guests at worst. To make the process a tiny bit easier the Smoon is a robotic spoon that makes measuring the right quantities of ingredients as easy as just scooping them up. It works in tandem with an application that contains several recipes; simply follow the instructions on screen and scoop the right ingredients at the right time. A pivoting flap will adjust each time, changing the volume in the scoop.

Of course after that you’re back on your own. You still have to stir, whip, knead, bake, grill or poach. But hey, one less hurdle is one less hurdle.

The Smoom does appear to be a real device, though not a commercial one. We can’t quite figure it out, but it looks like it might have been presented as part of some show in 2011 and gotten some kind of award. But information is sparse. If anyone knows more, let’s hear it in the comments. Also, hit the jump for two videos and links.

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