The Tesla Model 3 is the most hotly anticipated vehicle of a generation, and news has just been announced that the design has been finalized and production will begin by the end of 2017. The Tesla Model 3 is the third generation of this game-changing automobile and, with a mass-market price point, it’s set to permanently alter the automobile market. Plus, there are number of local governments providing incentives for purchasing electric cars. As government incentives and great infrastructure investments improve driving conditions for electric cars, you can bet that they are going quickly going to become ubiquitous.

Accessible at mass market prices, the Tesla Model 3 is poised to change the future of driving, and not just because it’s an electric car. Now, all Tesla models are being manufactured with self-driving hardware, making Tesla Autopilot a reality in all of its vehicles, including the Model 3. Tesla Autopilot brings autonomous driving to city streets – a reviewer from MIT Technology Review even took one for a test drive through Los Angeles. As legislation for self-driving cars is tested in cities like Pittsburgh, autonomous vehicles, which are already a reality, come closer to becoming a fixture of city streets. The reviewer explains that in its current incarnation, Tesla Autopilot requires an abundance of data, including line lanes, a constant speed, a map of the city, and readings on the cars around the vehicle. Once it has these things, it handles highway driving better than a human driver, smoothly accelerating and slowing as traffic demands. It’s no wonder that tech experts believe the self-driving car can solve highway traffic. With the hardware installed, all Tesla models that are partially autonomous now only require a software upgrade to become fully autonomous, pending legislation.

If you can’t wait for the launch of the Model 3, or you’re looking for a luxury electric car with the power to drive farther on a single charge and go faster, the Model S is available now, and you can even save by finding used models or great dealer discounts. Owners and dealers alike are offering great discounts when you buy a used Tesla, making it easier than ever to get into a luxury electric sedan.

Why should you be thinking about moving over to an electric vehicle? Besides government incentives, as electric cars become more popular and as infrastructure such as charging stations become more widely available across North American cities, electric cars are simply going to become the new mainstream technology. Widespread adoption will take some years, but just as DVDs replaced VHS, electric cars are going to take over the road. In the immediate future, though, you can look forward to ditching the gas pump and saving money, not to mention the high performance and horsepower of one of the world’s highest-ranking luxury cars. There’s a reason the Model S has become one of the top-selling luxury cars on the market: innovation and power.

The Tesla Model S has an official range of 337 miles on a single charge, and with charging stations across North America, you can drive coast to coast in your electric vehicle. Upgrades on this luxury vehicle also include adaptive LED headlights, a second charger to improve your rate of charge, ambient interior LED lighting, leather interior, and an improved sound system. Take your time when you’re shopping used and discover features like autopilot and Ludicrous Mode, the performance improvement that gave the Tesla Model S the worldwide acceleration record.

The most incredible thing about Tesla, from Ludicrous Mode to Autopilot, is that they are powered by software updates. Once the vehicles have the basic hardware, it’s software updates that take their performance to unprecedented new heights. Tesla is proof that Silicon Valley has become the biggest challenger to Detroit automakers since smaller, more fuel-efficient Japanese cars took off in the 1970s.