The Touch Time is not exactly a smart watch: it doesn’t connect to the Internet or sync with a phone so it’s kind of missing that. But it doesn’t prevent it from being smarter than most similar offerings. It’s got a capacitive touchscreen which lets you control it intuitively, rather than through the obtuse pressing of menu buttons. And better yet, its always on display draws so little power that it never needs recharging: the battery should run out in about one year! After that, you just replace the coin cell battery and you’re good for another year. It has all the features (or “apps”) you see in the image above, including a calculator, a lunar phase calendar, and a stopwatch. You can also swipe to select up to 7 different watch dials, customizing the look of the display in seconds.

Pricing starts at $99 with more customization options as price goes up. It’s on Kickstarter and fully funded, so you should get yours around November if you end up placing an order.

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