The Toyota iSwing


By David Ponce

I got on a Segway, once, for $5 at a car show. It was pretty cool. You should try it.

Now, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota came out with the iSwing. From what I gather, there are two main differences between it and Kamen’s baby. First, no self-stabilization. This thing has three wheels. Second, it looks as though you can also lean left and right, for direction, as well as forwards and backwards. Thirdly (did I mention there’s a third?), you’re sure to scare some old ladies on the sidewalk with this, making it an object of my desire.

Of course, you can tell all that just by looking at the picture, and since I have no additional information, I’ll just shut up now.

Story VIA Core77 VIA Wired Blog.


  1. Hmmm… can’t say I’m terribly impressed. the footprint is bigger than the segway’s and seems a little bigger than your average wheelchair. Furthermore, it’s not likely to fit your average overweight American. Would be kewl to see Patrick Stewart in one of these for the next installment of The X-Men though…