By David Ponce

Part of Apple’s design ethic is cleanliness. Its products’ lines are simple and elegant and there’s not much clutter for the eye to be sore over. Which is why it’s disappointing when you start plugging things into the side of the MacBook Pro and you end up with a situation like the picture below. It simply ruins the look of the machine. But the W1PPS device you see above aims to clean things up a bit. It plugs right into the left side of your machine and covers all its ports. Then there’s a single cable that runs down to a floor hub where the ports are now relocated. You can connect whatever you need out of sight, under the table, leaving at least one side of your machine looking clean and elegant, just how it does before you start tethering it. Also, the floor hub provides 4 additional USB ports, so there’s that too.

It’s $98 on pre-order on Kickstarter and is meant for the 15 inch version of the laptop. However, the campaign seriously needs to start gathering some steam if they hope to reach their $115,000 goal.

[ KickStarter Project ] VIA [ UberReview ]