By David Ponce

Allright, that’s it. This takes the cake. Making accessories for the iPod is so 2004. The new thing is making accessories for Skype. And, as far as I’m concerned, Yappernut is leading the crazy pack with the YapperMouse. Yeah, you can see this coming. It’s a mouse that doubles as a VoIP handset. Feel like making a call? Why look for your handset, or headset, when you can simply lift your arm and stick your mouse to your ear?

It even features a vibration mode, so you can make and take calls without waking the whole house (providing, of course, that you whisper after being connected). And, get this, it even has a hands-free, speaker mode. Right.

As a mouse, it’s a 800dpi optical wired version, and the whole thing costs a very reasonable $40.

[The YapperMouse] VIA [Chip Chick]


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  2. Vibration mode??? Jeez, I’d probably go into anaphylactic shock if I was surfing around and my mouse started vibrating. Cool concept tho – makes you wonder how far the tech accessory developers will go to be different.

  3. After reading this I turned my mouse over and looked underneath and the accumulated desktop grunge. The LAST thing I’d want to do is press the nasty underside of this thing against my head.