Serving drinks to your guests while using coasters says a lot about you. It says you value your expensive furniture, which is fine, but it also shows you can be a little uptight about things. Yes, you want to keep your expensive things looking expensive, but why did you have to get something so delicate to start with? Plus, tossing a coaster under your friends’ drinks also puts some pressure on them to keep using them; it’s sending a message. And just in case that message isn’t clear enough, these coasters right here spell it right out. The “Don’t f**k up the Table” coasters are about as direct as you get, and their bluntness might actually take some of the tension away, putting a potentially slightly uncomfortable message front and center while making light of it, simultaneously.

Or, of course, we could be overthinking the whole damn thing, and these are just cool conversation pieces. Whaichever way you want to see it, it’ll cost you $17 to own a set of 4.


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