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These Gears Will Make Your Head Spin

These Gears Will Make Your Head Spin

By David Ponce

A few years ago we posted about a special drill bit that made square holes. People’s minds were understandably blown. We feel much the same way about the below gears. They’re called Paradoxical Gears and a patent exists for them since 1988. What’s impressive about these is that unlike traditional gears that will alternate rotational direction from one to the next… these all turn in the same direction! And better yet, with the recent rise in popularity of 3D printing machines for the home (like the MakerBot Replicator), you no longer are confined to gawking at their nerdy beauty from afar. You can make your own. Matter of fact, below is a link to a set of files at Thingiverse, the marketplace for the Replicator, so you can print your very own set of paradoxical gears.

[ Paradoxical Gears On Thingiverse ] VIA [ Core77 ]