By David Ponce

A lot of good, temporarily PC-stumped folk have been getting their computer related aches and pains relieved through Toshiba’s Laptop Experts campaign. Here’s a short run-through of what I’ve been dealing with.

I start off by wondering how to hook up your PS3 to your laptop, only to then tackle a seemingly simple webcam inspired mystery. It all seems like fun and games until I’m literally stumped by a third party replacement battery acting up. Always buy from the source, I guess. That’s one I still haven’t answered. But it’s ok, since the last question that week was a simple question of resetting a password. Three out of four, not bad.

This week’s even better. There’s Flash video freezing on fullscreen, wireless printing, wireless mice battery comparisons and the ever popular “Helps, lost me drivers, do I nuke PC?

As usual, you guys are invited to take a look and if any of you feels they can do a better job, please, by all means, jump in.

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