You know the “brace yourselves” meme? The one with the Game Of Thrones dude? Anyway, we feel like making one saying “Brace yourselves, winter posts are coming!” And we’re yet another blog to contribute to the onslaught, this time with news of some fancy heated gloves. The Chaval Response XRT are not your everyday corner-store heated gloves though, but some fancy $400 mittens with nanotechnology. Their most interesting feature? Self-regulating temperature:

[They contain a] proprietary, paper-thin, nanotech polymer film that automatically regulates its own temperature. As your hands get cold, the film gets denser, increasing its electrical conductivity. This change pulls power from a battery to deliver heat to the film and the hands. As your hands get warm, the heat reduces the film’s conductivity which reduces power draw.

This continuous temperature management also means that energy is conserved and the batteries end up lasting longer, maybe even all day. Charging them doesn’t require removing the batteries, but is instead accomplished by just plugging them in to the charger, pictured.

It’s not quite $400, but $390 on pre-order right now, with expected shipping on October 20th.

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