By David Ponce

Back in 1998 the world went a little apeturd over the Furby. While Amazon was still just getting off the ground and didn’t much suffer from the craze, brick and mortar stores were crawling under the demand. The £24 ($40 USD in 1998 dollars and $56 today) could be resold for as much as three times its price. It’s now a collector’s item and the company that made it, Tiger Electronics, seems to be planning on releasing a new version for the Holidays 2012. There isn’t much information on it aside from the picture you see above.

Toy expert Peter Jenkinson of said: ‘The image suggests that the moving facial parts have been entirely replaced by an LCD screen. ‘This will prompt lots of talk, not all of it intelligible, on Furby forums.’

Other “experts” are predicting Wifi connectivity and only Furby-to-Furby interaction. Truth is, no one really knows. And no one is sure if the little fur balls will be able to recapture the insanity of their first arrival.

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