This Arcade Light Switch Cover Brings A Little Arcade Into Your Home


These awesome looking light switch covers let you turn on (or off) your lights with a touch of that classic arcade look. You’ll feel like you’ve just beaten Donkey Kong and saved Paulina everytime you turn on your humidifier. Okay, obviously I’m joking, but you all know what an oldschool arcade button feels like and they’re super satisfying to press.

They come in a bunch of different color combinations, I’m partial to the red/blue buttons for that arcade look, and the pink/purple buttons that match the buttons of an SNES controller, but there are other colors for those picky types. They’re super simple to install, but the cover only works with the rocker style of light switches, so you might have to pick one of those up.

They’re available for $8 for one, or $13 for a 2-pack and have great reviews.

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