Chestburster Augmented Reality T-Shirt

I screamed so loud the first time I saw an alien explode from a human being’s chest that my sisters banned me from watching another Alien movie until they both got married and moved out of the house. That said, it would probably be best if I stayed away from people who have these augmented reality shirts on, given the fact that chestbursters have been programmed to burst out of their chests at any given moment.

Of course, I’d need a compatible app running on my phone and I’d have to be pointing my device towards their chests to actually see the actual bursting action, but I’ve got a pretty wild imagination that makes up for apps my phone doesn’t have.

If you’re a fan of the Alien franchise, then you might actually want to get one of these shirts. Or you can save yourself thirty bucks and just get the tracking image from their site and silkscreen it onto your own shirt. The guys behind the shirt, Fingerfunk, put together a video showing the app (and chestbursters) in action. Hit the jump to check out the clip and links to more info about where you can get the shirt.

The shirt is available from Fingerfunk for $29.99.

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