By David Ponce

Patrick Priebe likes to tinker, and create pretty awesome devices. Examples include a wrist mounted crossbow as well as laser gloves. His latest invention is a modification os the laser glove: this time it’s flames that shoot up. Although not the first such apparatus to surface on YouTube, Priebe claims the others’ flames were too small. So he set out to create something better. And while he won’t divulge exactly how he did it (nor will he sell it), he does say the flamethrower includes “a 300-mL butane tank, an NE555 circuit board, an HV driver, a flyback transformer and a set of AA batteries to create a large enough spark to ignite the fuel.” HIs creation, although noisy, creates a really impressive 3-4ft. flame that’s sure to impress your party guests.

And now that this idea has been seeded in your mind, off you go to make your own. Just do yourself a favour and don’t set yourself on fire.

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