By David Ponce

So it’s time to be culturally insensitive and snicker a little, because hot damn if the Japanese don’t make the strangest gadgets! Although despite their weirdness, they’re often quite useful (the gadgets, we mean). See, karaoke is a big deal in Japanese culture, and we imagine it must be a good idea to practice your skills from time to time. But in order to do this without having your neighbors loudly hiss and boo you, you have the option of covering your mouth with a urethane plunger. Well, it’s not really a plunger. But it looks like one to our juvenile eyes. And it’s supposed to let you belt those tunes into a microphone, which in turn plugs into an iDevice running a Sega karaoke app. You then listen to the combination of your voice and the music with your normal earbuds, leaving your neighbor’s ears mercifully unassaulted. The urethane covering is easily washable and the associated app is free to download.

It’s $93 with worldwide shipping at $20.

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