This Is An iPhone Money Clip


By David Ponce

It’s perhaps a sign of the times that so much effort is being invested in finding the optimal way to carry things in your pockets. George Costanza-style wallets are definitely out of favour, although the alternatives are as numerous as they are disappointing. Perhaps something as minimal as the iPhone money clip pictured above could be worth a shot; you’d be able to carry a bit of plastic and a bit of paper and… what else do you really need? This particular clip does require a tiny bit of assembly time, although it’s nothing you can’t handle. You unscrew the iPhone’s two bottom screws with the provided tool, place the clip and replace the screws with longer ones provided. It’s so easy a caveman could do it.

And don’t worry too much about demagnetizing; it’s very unlikely the iPhone could affect your plastic in any way. You might however invest in a thin protector film for the back of the phone if you’re concerned about scratches.

It’s $33.

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