Look, we’re going to try to avoid making any sort of political commentary, but it’s also naive to ignore the reality that a huge number of people genuinely believe that a certain elected official in the USA could very well trigger the end of times. Somehow. And while it’s unlikely, if it does happen, you might want to try and be prepared. The First 24 Kit from Taurus International packs a bunch of essential tools that would give you an edge over less prepared neighbours. It contains the following:

– Revolver Taurus Judge (2-4410039T) Customized by Aim Pro Tactical® 1
– Knife Columbia River Knife & Tool Sting® Survival Knife 1
– Flashlight Brite Strike EPLI Flashlight (220 Lumens) 1
– Emergency Signal Brite Strike APALS (White, Green and Red) 3
– Fire Starter Kit Zippo Outdoors Emergency Fire Starter Kit (Orange) 1
– Battery Caddy Power Pax Slim Line Caddie (fits 6 AA Batteries ) 1
– Batteries Energizer E92 AA Batteries 6
– Compass 20 mm Spherical Survival Compass 1
– Paracord 550 Survival Paracord Bundle 1
– Case SKB Waterproof/Drop-Proof Survival Case (1209-4 Tan) 1

Of course, the company is hoping their product will never be put through its intended use, considering they’re charging $1,500 for the thing. What’s the point of money when society breaks down?

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