By David Ponce

Japan is well known for its vast array of head scratching products. It’s part of the charm, we’re told. Add to the list the above Roachbot. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a remote controlled toy that resembles a roach. The extra fun thing about it is that it can be fully controlled with your iPhone. You attach the IR controllers and launch the app, and your insect toy’s meanderings are under your fingertips. There’s a fairly extensive set of controls, from simple left/right up/down, to slight trim adjustments. But perhaps more interestingly, you can also use the phone’s accelerometer and do the controlling via tilting.

It’s $37 although international orders are not possible. Maybe an importer somewhere will have it in stock. If you’re curious what it looks like in action, watch the below video. For some reason they’ve chosen to portray the Roachbot in a variety of fails: falling off a table, tipping over, etc.

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