It’s a little depressing to realize how timely news of this product is, given the events unfolding worldwide as a result of religiously-motivated hate. But in a search for a silver lining, we suppose it’s somewhat comforting to know that there exists a product that can dramatically increase chances of survival in the event of being injured by a gun shot. You’re looking at a sponge-filled syringe called the XSTAT 30, which has been approved by the FDA as a tool to stop blood catastrophic blood loss. When medics arrive on the scene, they can quickly inject the wound with 92 of these little sponges, which will expand, absorb blood and eventually block further loss, giving the patient time to reach a hospital before dying from exsanguination. Once in the ER, doctors can remove the sponges and give appropriate treatment. Each one is tagged with a radiopaque marker to insure none is accidentally left inside a patient. Initially reserved for military use, the FDA clearance now makes it available to the general public. And while it’s not something you would buy yourself, you can now move on with your life with the knowledge that if something tragic were to happen, there’s an extra tool in doctors’ arsenal to keep you alive.


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