By Evan Ackerman

This week on BotJunkie, we seriously considered moving to Singapore after watching some footage from the 2009 Singapore Robot Games, seriously considered moving to South Korea on news that they’re building a $559 million robot theme park, saw an interesting concept for a robotic delivery system that operates in a network of underground tunnels, checked out a couple cool new upgrades for the RoboNova hobby robot, were creeped out by Michael Jackson’s robotic head from the movie Moonwalker which is now up for auction, were less creeped out by Dave the robotic zombie furby, are optimistic about a company called SkyNet (SkyNet is now online) that promises to look out for future of the human race, felt dwarfed by a couple six and a half foot tall robot statues, learned about the latest upgrade to the LEGO Mindstorms NXT system, felt a little better now that Foster Miller’s Talon Engineering robot has been upgraded to better deal with IEDs, watched a Sony Rolly conduct 37 AIBOs in a dance performance, saw a little LEGO robot shove its way to victory in an 11 on 11 sumo robot deathmatch, and finished out the week with some NSFW robot on dinosaur action, followed by a double video Friday featuring iRobot and robot babies of doom on the Daily Show as well as an iRobot Create controlled by a hamster.

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