By Evan Ackerman

This week over on BotJunkie, we started out by meeting a little Lego Mindstorms bot named Phobot who’s terrified of big things, found out that it’s a lot easier to give commands to robots if they’re capable of making smalltalk, took a look at a flying robot toy that you control with your hand, saw an awesome video of a little bot that wanders around with a pair of drumsticks and plays rhythms on whatever it bumps into, decided that we probably didn’t want to pay $5 for robot art made out of a small wooden block even if it’s quirky, questioned whether the new and improved version of BattleBots returning to ESPN2 is really new and improved, waxed philosophical about NASA’s recent threat to scrap one of the Mars Exploration Rovers (and enjoyed a bunch of cool Mars rover pics), checked out a round robot from Toshiba that wants to be your new voice activated universal remote, and lastly, nearly lost it while watching a spoof of BigDog’s latest antics.

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