Thomas Raschke Wire Frames (Images courtesy Thomas Raschke)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you work as a 3D CG modeller or are just fascinated with the ‘behind-the-scenes’ DVD features of many FX-heavy films then you’re probably already familiar with the wireframe models that most computer generated things start out as. I’ll admit when I first saw these images I assumed they were also created via CG software but it turns out artist Thomas Raschke uses heavy gauge wire and quite a bit of bending and welding to make these real-life wire-frame objects.

You can see Raschke’s complete collection of wire frames on his website which includes everything from musical instruments, household appliances, motors, guns and even teddy bears. The site is unfortunately a bit vague on his process but I’d be even more impressed if he created all of these without the assistance of any software.

[ Thomas Raschke Wire Frames ] VIA [ MAKE: Blog ]


  1. Very interesting, but here in South Africa, you have guys selling this kind of stuff on every street corner. It also comes beaded. I’ve even seen a functional radio