The Toy Story 3 Projector Stylus (Image courtesy ThrustMaster)
By Andrew Liszewski

Once known for their wonderful line of joysticks and game controllers, ThrustMaster has apparently decided to seek their fame and fortune in the world of ridiculous Guinness World Records with this new Nintendo DS stylus accessory. Designed to serve as a tie-in to the upcoming third Toy Story film, this overburdened stylus accessory features a built in lamp that projects an image of Buzz Lightyear on the wall. The projector end of the stylus is flexible too, allowing you to aim the image, and the inclusion of batteries and overall bulk of its design should easily claim that ‘World’s Heaviest DS Stylus’ accolade they’re after. Available sometime between now and when Toy Story 3 is released for just over $7. (£4.99)

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