Tinda Finger: When Desperation Meets Innovation


We all know Tinder is great, I mean who doesn’t want to swipe though hundreds of people trying to find the one reasonable needle in a haystack of crazy? But all that swiping can be a drain, especially if you plan to swipe at least a thousand people a day.

Well now, you can kiss your troubles goodbye with Tinda Finger. It’s a stupid little peripheral that plugs into your phone and spins a capacitive head clockwise that can generate 6,000 right swipes per hour. Did I say stupid? I meant brilliant.

It comes in Micro-USB as well as Lightning so everyone can join in the fun. But It’s really great for people for without standards, as you’ll be right-swiping everyone. Hate neck tattoos? Right-swiped. Obviously fake profiles? Right-swiped. Did your cousin just pop-up? Eww, right-swiped. Even the occasional opposite gender profile that pops up once in a while? Guess what, right-swiped.

It’s being funded on Kickstarter and while it’s pretty cheap at $8, it also costs your dignity. And that something that can’t be refunded.

And they say finding love isn’t easy.

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