Have you been playing the beta? How do you like it? Apparently it’s running at 792p, which sounds completely made up but it’s what we’re hearing. The claim is that even though 792p is not a resolution you’ve ever heard of, it doesn’t matter because the Xbox One upscales to 1080p anyway; the 792p figure just speaks to the amount of processing detail available, regardless of the resolution actually displayed on the screen. Rumors are that once the game is released in March, 900p is what you’ll be seeing, upscaled to 1080p of course.

Abbie Heppe, Community Manager at Respawn confirmed the Titanfall Beta runs at native ā€™792pā€™ resolution, an increase from the previously rumoured 720p.

Abbie went on to say that the resolution will increase as the team edge closer towards a final build of Titanfall, and could potentially be in the region of 900p native resolution once complete.

The idea is to keep gameplay as smooth, and framerates as high as possible. But it is also somewhat disappointing to know that a new generation console is unable to crank out 1080p at full fps. Whether this is due to the Xbone being underpowered or the game being too demanding, we don’t know. But Titanfall, resolution issues aside, may just be the game that pushes the undecideds over the edge and unto purchasing territory, and we’re just as excited as anyone.

What about you guys? Will you buy the console just to play Titanfall?

P.S. What’s the deal with the way this guy says the word “beta”?

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