Toaster Concept Of The Month: Toaster Note Pad


Toast Messenger
By Evan Ackerman

We’ve run across (non-conceptual) toast printers before, but nothing with the utility (or the resolution) of this concept. Designed by Sasha Tseng, the toaster incorporates a stylus and notepad on the top, and whatever you write on the surface gets burned (through some undisclosed process) into the top of the toast. This way, you can pass along relevant information like “I finished up all the butter, sucks for you,” but it might not be so good at letting people know things like “we’re out of bread.” A few more pics after the jump.

Toast Messenger

Toast Messenger

VIA [ Yanko Design ]


  1. Couldn’t they just read the pad on top which also has the transcribed note? Sort of defeats the purpose if the note is sitting right there, unless you make the toast for the other person. Though it would be hilarious to break up with someone with a piece of toast.