Radio Active

By Evan Ackerman

Most of the time, I’m pretty impressed with Tokyoflash watches. I like the fact that they’re quirky, yet stylish. The Radio Active watch, however, may be a little bit overboard, which is quite a feat if you’re at all familiar with the Tokyoflash, uh, genre. In some ways, it’s actually underboard, in that it’s not impossible to tell time with: the Danger indicator shows hours 1-6; add 6 if the Warning light is on. The lights in the Radio Active symbol stand for 10, 20, and 30 minutes, and the Active Reactor lights stand for 1 minute each. Just add everything up and you get the time. My problem with this watch, though, is that it’s far too gimmicky compared to the elegance and creativity of some other Tokyoflash designs, and while the concept is decent, the execution isn’t. Besides, isn’t “radioactive” one word? And as far as doing anything at all to actually detect radioactivity… Well, you’re on your own in that department. $103.75.

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