TokyoFlash Releases Jive Turkey Watch, Causes Seizures In Small Children


jive turkey tokyo flash watch

By David Ponce

We’re big fans of TokyoFlash watches, as evidenced by our many posts on them. For good reason too, as we feel that they make some superb timepieces that are both unique and affordable, and when worn will make you very popular among both your geek and non-geek friends.

We also like how they’re always coming out with new pieces. In this instance, it’s the Jive Turkey, part of their PIMP line of watches.

The new Pimp “Jive Turkey” utilizes several refractive mirrors and a coated convex camera style lens to create the illusion of LED’s reaching off into the distance. The effect is pretty amazing and combined with the trademark Pimp animated display, it’s a real psychedelic effect.

It’s $137 after conversion.

[TokyoFlash Jive Turkey]


  1. I bought this watch when I found it on Gizmodo. It took less than a week for it to arrive from Japan. It’s as cool as it looks in the picture.