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Tomy Bank Of Life

Tomy Bank Of Life (Image courtesy MPINews)By Andrew Liszewski

I officially declare this the best piggy bank ever. (It’s even better than that wise-cracking one from Toy Story.) Though I’ll admit the ‘piggy’ classification probably doesn’t apply here.

You see most kids don’t realize the value of putting away a few bucks now and then and as far as I’m concerned sticking a handful of quarters in a jar or ceramic pig doesn’t exactly have enough payoff to encourage kids to keep at it. The Bank Of Life however makes it pretty clear why you’d want to start saving money when you’re young.

The bank has an LCD screen where a little Japanese man lives and while the bank is empty he is unfortunately forced to sleep in a tiny shoebox of an apartment reflecting his financial situation. But as more and more money is added to the bank his digs are gradually upgraded to a luxury apartment. While it’s a great way to encourage kids to save some money something tells me the bank isn’t going to hold enough dimes and nickels to cover the first and last months rent for that luxury apartment.

The Bank Of Life just became available in Japan last week and sells for about $40.

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