Because apparently we lack the ability to keep track of where exactly our toothbrush is doing its job, a company called Onvi has created the Prophix, a ‘smart toothbrush’ that packs a 1080p camera (and a small light) with the ability to send its footage in real-time to your smartphone. In this way you’ll apparently be able to get a definitely non-disturbing view of the inside of your mouth, with all the specks of food and tartar you may have missed while performing a regular, non-techy brushing. If you’re able to stomach the sight of such an activity, perhaps you’ll choke on the asking price instead: $400. That’s right, for the price of two perfectly capable Oral-B brushes, you’ll get one that does pretty much the exact same thing, with the addition of a dubious-use camera and a few attachments. It ships in Q1 2017 and if you pre-order now, you’ll save $100 on retail.


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