Toro's Lawn Striping System (Image courtesy Toro)
By Andrew Liszewski

For any of our readers who wished they lived on a golf course or a professionally-groomed baseball field, Toro’s so-called lawn striping ‘system’ will let you pattern and customize the look of your grass, in your front or backyard, making it look like you actually know what you’re doing. And by ‘system’ Toro of course means a $90 accessory which is basically nothing more than a heavy roller that trails behind your lawn mower as you push it around your yard.

All you have to do is attach it using a few simple tools, fill it with dry sand and then decide what pattern you want to leave behind. As it rolls over the grass it simply bends the blades forward, and by changing directions you can create contrasting stripes. You can get standalone lawn rollers too, but if you’ve already got a self-propelled push mower why not let it do all the work?

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