Toshiba 1.8" CE HDD (Image via Toshiba)By Shane McGlaun

Toshiba announced a new 1.8-inch hard drive aimed at use inside consumer electronic devices like MP3 players. The drive as a 160GB storage capacity, making it the highest density 1.8-inch drive on the market and it goes by the wonderful name MK1626GCB.

The drive uses an improved read-write head and an enhanced magnetic layer that boosts recording density allowing the drive to reach an areal density of 353 mega-bit per square millimeter.

Toshiba used two platters and four heads and the 160GB drive has a seek time of 15msec. The interface is CE-ATA and the interface speed is 52MB/sec with a 3600rpm rotational speed. Weight is a max of 59g and the drive measures 54mm w x 71mm D x 8mm H and consumes only 0.002W/GB of power.

VIA [ Toshiba ]