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Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced today that it was developing what it calls a Personal Transport Assistance Robot known as Winglet. TMC says that it is still in the process of refining the Winglet and it plans the device to be a small and compact robot that will offer ease of movement and expand a user’s range of mobility.

I can’t tell from that description if it intends the Winglet to be a scooter for the masses to use rather than a car, or if this is one sort of assistance device for those with problems walking like the elderly. At any rate, TMC has created three different Winglet models that only vary in how tall they are. The height difference for the models is from the different length handles used that give riders something to grasp.

The models include the “L”, “M” and “S” and all of them share some common features. The Winglet body has a projected area about the size of an A3 sheet of paper that measures 265 mm long by 464 mm wide. Inside the housing resides the motor, two wheels, and internal sensors that detect the rider’s position and adjust power to maintain stability.

The “L” model uses a hands-free riding style is 462 mm tall, weighs 9.9kg, and has a 5 km cruise range. The “M” model is 680 mm tall, weighs 12.3 kg and has a cruise range of 10 km. The “S” model is 1,130 mm tall, weighs 12.3 kg, and has a 10 km cruise range. All three models have the same 5 km/h cruise speed, 0 meter turn radius, and a full battery charge takes one hour.

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