Trey Chair – Transform And Sit!


Trey Office Chair (Images courtesy TreyChair)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the Trey chair website tries to portray it as the office chair of a thousand uses (particularly in this photo gallery) in reality it only has two. The first is just like a normal office chair with all the features we’ve come to expect like built-in height adjustment and seat tilt. The second is where all the ‘innovation’ comes in. The seat portion of the Trey chair can be lifted off and used as a low to the ground rocker seat while the bottom part of the chair can then be used as a foot stool, or small desk.

It’s really not as impressive a feat as the website makes it out to be but I can still see it being handy in a dorm or small apartment setting where space is at a premium. Also until the popularity dies off again you can make that Transformer sound effect every time you reconfigure the chair, so it’s got that goin’ for it… which is nice.

The Trey chair is available for $239 when you choose a standard fabric finish, $269 for faux leather and $299 for premium designer fabrics.

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