TRITTON SEE2 (Image courtesy TRITTON)By Andrew Liszewski

Dual-display setups can dramatically speed up your workflow especially if you need several applications running at the same time. But if you’re lacking a dual-head graphics card this USB to VGA adapter from TRITTON could be a good solution.

Just install the drivers for the SEE2, hook it up to a free USB 2 port and connect a monitor. It pretty much allows for all the functionality that any dual-head graphics card does but I must emphasize the ‘could be a good solution’ because the one thing you’re not going to get from this device is performance. Since it lacks a dedicated GPU the SEE2 relies on your system’s CPU for all of its rendering needs so anyone working on graphics-intensive projects is going to want to stay away. In fact at any resolution above 1280×1024 you’re limited to a 16-bit color palette. (It’s max resolution is 1600×1200 btw.) But if Word and Excel are the most intensive applications you use all day this would probably be more than adequate for you.

The TRITTON SEE2 can be found at various online retailers for about $80.

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  1. Someone really needs to make the comment that this should really only be used for those with a notebook. If you’ve got a desktop please… I beg of you… buy a video card (even an old PCI one for $40 or less…)