Tron Legacy iPod Dock (Images courtesy Disney and CNET)
By Andrew Liszewski

Last week, and earlier at E3, a whole mess of Tron Legacy’s movie tie-in crap was revealed/announced, including a wide variety of toys, action figures and gaming accessories. But I didn’t see much mention of this requisite iDevice dock which we can also expect to see on shelves everywhere while we’re doing our Christmas shopping. The dock, which is designed around the glowing and iconic identity disk seen in the movies, is a collaboration between Disney and Monster, which explains the $249.99 price tag. I’ve no idea what the dock does differently than the hundreds already on the market, but I’m assuming the fact that it glows will guarantee at least a sale or two.

VIA [ GadgetReview – These TRON Toys Are Geektastic ] & [ CNET ]


  1. You have no idea what this dock does differently than other docks? Really? Do you carry other docks around on your back and play deadly Ultimate Frisbee with them? You do? Oh man, we should totally hang out sometime.