By David Ponce

Tokyoflash’s design blog is where a lot of user-submitted designs go from concept to reality. One example is the Optical Illusion watch we posted about a while back. And being discussed right now is the above V-BL47, which not only looks cool sporting a Tron-inspired design, but happens to be ridiculously easy to read once you know how. No solving of puzzles (like the Sudoku watch). The lines on the display are simple regular digits, only distorted radially onto polar coordinates, each filling a quarter circle. You read the time from the bottom quadrant in a clockwise fashion. So the time on the picture above reads “03:59”. After a little bit of practice you’ll be able to read them at a glance.

Just hit the jump for a bunch more pictures. You’ll see how simple it is and there will also be links so you can harass the fine folk at Tokyoflash into making this asap.

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