By David Ponce

Luke Jerram is an artist and he decided to create a 3D sculpture of sorts based off of the seismograph of Japan’s devastating March 2011 earthquake. Measuring 11 inches long, the sculpture is simply 9 minutes of seismographic data rotated 360 degrees in a 3D modelling program, and then printed with a rapid prototyping machine. It is going to be presented at the

Jerwood Space in London for a show called Terra. Exploring how data is read and can be represented and interpreted, the artwork is one of a series of data visualization sculptures Jerram has recently created.

“Next month Jerram will be artist in residence at the Museum of Glass in Washington where he hopes to create this work as a limited edition in glass.” If you think you might want one, you let Luke know you’re interested by sending him an email: luke at lukejerram dot com.

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