TV Timer (Image courtesy Gizoo)By Andrew Liszewski

As much as I love TV and will never say anything bad about it I have to agree that a lot of kids spend far too much time in front of them. The TV Timer is yet another device designed to limit how much television a kid can watch every day forcing them to instead spend their time with MP3 players or portable gaming devices.

You simply plug your set into the TV Timer and then secure it in place using a provided hex key. That way the timer can’t be easily removed when you leave the room. Then using the controls you can set up to three viewing periods a day of varying lengths which are protected with a secure PIN number.

The TV Timer is currently available from Gizoo for about $50. But since the website is based in the UK the TV Timer will only accept European-styled plugs. I’m sure adapters could be used but it kind of defeats the purpose of the built-in locking mechanism.

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  1. Just make sure you don’t use this with a projection TV (or projector). Cutting the power to them without allowing the fan to cool the bulb can really shorten their life.