By Colin Ackerman

There’s really no way to film yourself and something else at the same time with a traditional video camera. I wouldn’t have called this a problem by any stretch of the imagination, but Ion Audio has gone ahead and solved it anyway by installing an extra lens at the back of their “Twin Video” cam, which is now available for purchase.

When you hit the record button, the camera stores just one single stream of video. A button on the back of the camera lets you toggle between each lens on the viewfinder, if you want to inject a little bit of yourself into whatever else you’re filming. The camera itself is solidly mediocre, recording 640 x 480 video at 30 FPS onto an SD card. Thankfully, it’s only $120, meaning that if it’s something you could see yourself using, it might be worth a try.

After the jump, you can check out how it works in a borderline obnoxious video.

[ Ion Audio ] VIA [ Gadgeteer ]